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The Uganda Directory for Companies and Business services related to the Investment trade in Uganda.
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Cineplex is a premium cinema with 4 state of the art auditoriums bringing to you on the big screen the biggest Hollywood blockbuster movies and beyond. Your happiness is our business and we aim at continuously bringing you quality entertainment worth your time.Cineplex is your ideal setting and ambiance to treat you, friends and family to great fun, entertainment and joy. We house a fully stocked bar with your favorite brands of drinks and a kiosk with sizzling snacks, popcorn and soft drinks.

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Marketed by - Telephone: 00 256-000-000-000
Garden City Mall
3rd Floor, Yusuf Lule Rd
P.O. Box 7873
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 256 312 261 415
Tel: 256 312 261 416
Fax: 256 414 348 055





























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