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The Uganda Directory for Companies and Business services related to the Investment trade in Uganda.
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System Aluminium and Glass Ltd
System Aluminum and Glass Ltd are leading aluminum and steel fabricators in Uganda. We specialize in a range of architectural products and services to meet the needs of Ugandan and Rwandan markets. Our custom made architectural products are known for its aesthetics, durability, strength, workmanship and quality and are used by a range of business establishments, banks, contractors, schools, religious organizations, supermarkets, individual home owners and contractors.
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Marketed by - Telephone: 00 256-000-000-000
System Alluminium
Head Office
Plot 48 6th Street Ind
P.O. Box 22246
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 256 413 471 85
Tel: 256
Fax: 256 412 516 76

































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