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The Uganda Directory for Companies and Business services related to the Investment trade in Uganda.
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Garden City Complex

the best places for shopping are the two big shopping centres in the city: Lugogo Mall and Garden City Complex. Garden City Complex has several floors of shops, including a supermarket, bookshop and department store, plus a cinema, bowling alley and food court.

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Marketed by - Telephone: 00 256-000-000-000
Garden City Complex
Head Office
Yusuf YuleRoad
P.O. Box 0
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 256
Tel: 256
Fax: 256
Sino Africa

We are a professional Chinese Trading Company Incorporated in Uganda since 1998. It is a branch of China's Northern International Holding (CNIH) Tianjin Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Corporation. We are located in Kampala Industrial Area housed in a modern warehouse of over 1000 square meters, complete with adequate security, a water system, telephone, electricity and other essentials.

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Marketed by - Telephone: 00 256-000-000-000
Sino Africa
Plot 104-106
5th Street, Industrial Area
P.O. Box 7321
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 256 414 340 075
Tel: 256
Fax: 256 414 340 175





























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