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The Uganda Directory for Companies and Business services related to the Investment trade in Uganda.
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The business directory for Stationery Suppliers in Uganda, Stationery Suppliers in Uganda Africa, Stationery Suppliers , Stationery Suppliers Uganda, Stationery Suppliers Uganda Africa , Stationery Suppliers in Kampala, Stationery Suppliers in Kampala Africa, Stationery Suppliers , Stationery Suppliers Kampala, Stationery Suppliers Kampala Africa, Top Stationery Suppliers in Kampala
Infocom has over 8 years of experience in providing Internet services in Uganda; Infocom, a merger between Uganda's Internet pioneers Infomail and Starcom has grown both in technical operation and client base, remaining the market leader in this competitive field.
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Marketed by - Telephone: 00 256-000-000-000
Head Office
Plot 26, Wampewo Rd
P.O. Box 8373
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: 256 414 562 800
Tel: 256
Fax: 256 414 342 192





























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