It’s through backpacking that one can experience every detail of a destination like Uganda and new things never cease to come each day as you discover the countries natural beauty. Taking a trip to Uganda doesn’t mean to have lots of money or even to break your bank but its determination and knowing what you want. All depends on your main reason of travel and duration for your stay. Uganda is known as one of the cheapest travel countries in Africa and one can survive a day with between $20-$50 on budget travel. However, if you planning a backpacking trip to Uganda soon, see the most popular safaris that are 100% for backpacker travelers.

Budget Gorilla Safaris

If you have always wanted to track mountain gorillas, why not book a permit and go backpacking in western Uganda. Whether you choose Bwindi or Mgahinga, Ugands is the place where to go. Uganda is simply the best in Africa in all aspects. Don’t miss to see gorillas because of gorilla permit prices yet Uganda offers huge gorilla discounts in April, May and November a right time for gorilla tours in Africa. Besides, its very easy for one to connect by public transport from Kampala to either Bwindi forest or Mgahinga national park the only two gorilla tracking parks in the country. Even gorilla tracking accommodation is cheap with night camping accommodation for $5-$10 dollars while dorms and self-contained accommodation range from $35-$80 per person per night.What a great gorilla safari destination Uganda is in Africa convenient January to December.

Wildlife Safari Murchison Falls

Being one  of the most visited in Uganda, Murchison falls wildlife safaris are exceptional and a journey to this park will always be cherished by all Uganda tourists. You may not get discounts on park entrance or tour activities but the group safari tours that tour operators organize to park often will certainly fit in your budget. The park has comfortable campsites for budget travelers and catter for all kinds and budget with lower rates in April, May and November a good time for budget safari in Uganda. Be ready to see the Big five, the mighty falls, track Chimpanzees and also hike from bottom  to the top of the falls. Your afternoon boat cruise on the Nile is fantastic and full of leisure a reason you will tell a friend to explore this park once in Uganda.

White Water Rafting

This a cheap Uganda safari tour that requires a day or two days to explore great rapids of the Nile  on great falls of Itanda in Jinja.There is a lot to do on a full rafting trip in Uganda other than exploring the Nile waters. Bungee jumping is another challenging tour adventure you can enjoy, visit to Mabira forest and Sezibwa falls a twin lake born by a woman plus an trip to the source of the Nile or jinja town before driving back to your lodge of residence to retire for the day. Jinja is a very beautiful city and a second capital city in Uganda which many call “an Adventure Capital”.

Beach and Lake Victoria Island Tours in Uganda

Beach holidays and sport fishing on Lake Victoria can make your stay in Uganda unbelievable at a cheap cost of $50-$100 all inclusive.Dont miss exploring lake Victoria if you have 1-3 days free a relaxing leisure life you will treasure on any kind of Uganda tour. Ssese Island, Kalagala Island and the many beaches in Entebbe, Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Uganda Wildlife Education Center and much more is what you enjoy and discover during this short Uganda tour.


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