Are you planning to spend your safari holiday in Uganda? Are you planning to go for wildlife safari to any of Uganda’s remotest national parks but you do not know which car to use? Are you looking for the most comfortable safari car in Uganda? Most of Uganda’s destinations are largely popular for their exceptional wildlife safari experiences. Obtaining this life time experience requires the most comfortable land cruiser and other safari cars to help you realize your dreams in any of the 10 diverse national parks. There are several Land cruisers and safari car types in Uganda, most of them are used daily for game viewing safaris. Where as safari min Vans are ideal for a safari trip, supplementing on the Rav4 cars, a safari Land cruiser is perfect for your whole planned safari holiday. You can rent it on self drive in Uganda or you can opt for a guided tour so that you can maximise your safari experience.

Our unbeatable fleets range from a 4WD Toyota Land cruiser that accommodates 1 to 3 visitors, a 4WD full sized Toyota land cruiser that takes about 3 to 5 travelers,  4WD Extended Toyota land cruiser which accommodates 6 to 7 people and Toyota super custom van which fits for two to seven people.  A Land cruiser is a true outback 4WD car that comes with an assortment of amenities for the best of visitor’s safari tour. It is well built with adjustment seats which offer amazing comfort to all visitors and with good size to accommodate children car seats if you wish to travel with toddlers.

Below are some of the key reasons why the safari Land cruisers remain as the more exceptional safari cars than others.

4WD Safari Vehicle

Most of Uganda’s wildlife destinations are found in the remotest areas where the road network is not up to date. This means that, visitors will require a strong and stable vehicle to help them navigate through the terrain and all seasons. The Land cruiser safari car is absolute 4 by 4 vehicle and its lower base is raised to provide the under part machines great safety in case of rocky areas. There is no need to be scared about being stuck in the muddy areas especially in wet season/failing to get through the steep slopes. Land cruiser is therefore one of the super car to help you navigate through difficult moments. When it comes to safaris, most travelers would wish to take 4 by 4 vehicles as compared to normal 2WD cars.

Seating space and capacity

The safari Land cruiser, come in various types; there are those which accommodate six people and 8 seating capacity together with the driver. The car comes with the most comfortable cushioned individual seats each with a window view. All windows can slide and this means you don’t have to be scared on how to take clear photos while in safari, unlike other safari vehicles which have limited or even none sliding windows. All seats can simply be adjusted to comfortable positions and you will have adequate space for the legs.

Popup and rare view

Safari Land cruisers have a roof popup that provides amazing views of wildlife from the rare view. Most of the safari cars have only the sun roof that can be comfortable for more than four travelers but with a pop up roof, even five people are in position to sight wildlife at the same time and others usually choose to sit at the top and photograph. This offers visitors the most fascinating experiences during game viewing in the park.

It has best car amenities and cargo space

The safari Land cruiser is made with an electric fridge and this means that visitors have no worries of not getting cold drinks while in the safari trip; it also contains an inverter system for charging phones and ipads, reference books on wildlife species and varied destinations. There is no need to leave your things behind the safari land cruiser contains adequate space for all that you wish to carry.

In conclusion, Safari Land cruisers are the most comfortable cars that anyone who plans to take wildlife safari in Uganda’s remotest national park. They offer the most fascinating experiences since they come with pop up or open roof to allow visitors have spectacular sightings at incredible wildlife species. They are also fitted in such away that they are able to navigate through sub standard roads in Uganda.


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