For visitors who are planning for a self drive safari to Uganda or Rwanda, note that a car rental is a must if you are to have the most successful vacation. That said, our car rental services are pocket friendly, reliable and trust worthy and we offer wide range of car rentals giving you opportunity to select the best that suits within your travel interests in Uganda and Rwanda.

Below are some of our exceptional self drive car hire for you to make a choice while on safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

Toyota Rav4

The Rav4 comes in a medium size, 2 (two) doors to 4 (four) doors and accommodates up to 2 to 5 visitors on Uganda and Rwanda safaris. The Toyota Rav4 is perfect for visitors who are planning for their self drive tours, picnicking, city tours and many events. If you are looking for the most comfortable, budget, fuel saving and strong car that is able to overcome any road challenges, then consider the Toyota Rav4. Our Rav4 cars come in pocket friendly prices and you will even be in position to save some money at end of the day and usually, we provide discounts to visitors who hire for longer period of time.

Toyota Prado TX, GX, TZ

The Toyota Prado is a 4 by 4 safari vehicle which is perfect for both self drive and family tours; it is well built with a better engine that can take off in any kind of African routes. This model accommodates from 4 to 6 travelers and it features spacious boot for you to pack all your property and all that you require to have while on self drive safari in Uganda and Rwanda. It also features a pop up roof which offers exceptional wildlife viewing experiences and photography while others feature top tents at the roof. Our Toyota Prados suit within clients’ pockets and we also offer V8 and VX models.

Land Cruiser Hardtop

For those of you who are planning to embark on guided tours and camping in whether in Uganda or Rwanda, you will need a four by four Land cruiser hardtop. However, you can even rent it with no driver for travelers on Uganda self drive tours. The Land Cruiser Hardtop carries around eight visitors and a driver and it features a pop up roof and a mini fridge. Its extended model also carries eight (8) people plus a driver.

Super custom

The carrying capacity for a Super custom ranges from five to eight and features better air conditioners with enough space in between the seats. Our super custom vehicles equally suit within your pocket and hiring one offers you that comfort and peace of mind while on Uganda road trip.

The Nissan patrol

For clients who are interested in a little larger 4 wheel drive vehicle for self drive tours and best for wilderness safaris and bumpy kind of Uganda roads, the Nissan patrol should be a must to include in your travel itinerary. Nissan Patrol vehicles accommodate from 3 to 5 travelers and they feature enough room for you to pack all your property. We also have Nisan Safari but extended model with carrying capacity of seven visitors. This model is pocket friendly and you can hire without a driver.

Super minivans

For visitors who are planning for Uganda safaris with their entirely family members or friends, our safari minivan is the perfect option for you. This model carries up to 5 to 9 visitors and it features enough room for your property and a pop up for you to catch a glimpse at the wildlife species while on game drives in Uganda’s most spectacular savanna grassland protected areas.

Coaster bus

The coaster buses are perfect for larger number of visitors especially for school trips, staff, conferences, business, families and many events. Our Coaster buses carry up to 30 travelers. We also rent out safari minibuses that carry up to 26 to 46 travelers and they suit within your budget.

Sedan vehicles

Our sedan cars include the Toyota corona or Premio and they are small in size carrying around 2 to 5 visitors. This type of car is also perfect for self drive safaris within cities as well as conferences, events, meetings and many others. They are comfortable and you will have the most relaxed safari in Uganda. Our sedan cars are affordable and can be rented with no driver.

In conclusion, for visitors who are planning to come to Uganda or Rwanda for a self drive safari, the above listed vehicles are worth hiring to help you realize your dream in Africa. For further assistance, simply contact our receptionist and we shall help you make your dream come true in Africa.


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