Uganda is one of the best countries to rent a car and explore its nature, culture and its great untouched beauty. At the beginning of May 2015, we took our visiting friends on a self drive in Uganda to different national parks in Uganda. Self drive safaris are the best adventures to do in the pearl of Africa. Below are some of the tips to follow while having a self drive with in the national parks.

Always go for bush camping in Uganda, it’s my opinion since bush camping is the true safari experience. You will not get well engaged in into the wild than going on a bush camp in the national parks. There are always two options in the park, either to use the facilities of UWA campsites or find your own spot in the wilderness with the guidance of a UWA ranger. The ranger will guide you well with driving with in the national park.

Usually the early bird catches the worm, in case you thought that going for a safari was a good opportunity to rest and sleep, think again. The safaris are so relaxing and need an early morning lifestyle, by waking up so early, you will be able to drive through the park with ease and be able to view the early risers.

Always drive slowly; you have got no idea that you have been driving fast until when you arrive in Uganda. We know you are used to rushing so fast but please drive slowly while in the national parks especially on the game drives.

Always get yourself a Ranger Guide; it’s always advisable to take an UWA ranger with you on one of your game drives. These rangers know every corner of the parks and can lead you to the best places to see the predators like the lions.  You can book an UWA ranger/guide at the entrance gate of the park, and they will accompany you in your car and guide you through the plains and bushes. They are worth every penny of the $20 fee you pay for this service.

Know the right directions; when driving in the national parks, always have the location map with you so that you know the right direction to take while on game drives. And ask for the lion; use the help of the park staff and the rangers since they know where these animals hide.

When driving in the national parks, follow the rules and regulations of the park; this will help you when driving and not to cause accidents while in the park which in the end might lead to death of both the animals and the tourists.

Lastly respect the animals especially the elephants that move slowly; the animals must be respected especially when they are crossing the road. Safety tips are in place and always be alert and drive as if you expect animals around the corner. Keep an eye on the heavy moving bushes and trees. Always keep distance and never try to drive towards elephants intentionally.  These can attack you any time.


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