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Is it your first time in Kampala, feeling bored in your hotel and wondering what to do the whole day? Well, don’t use up all of your energy trying to find out what to do. There are very many things you can do within the Pearl of Africa’s Capital.

It would be easy for you when you have a car that will help you cruise to most of the places around the area. This is recommended because though Kampala appears to be small in size, there are a lot of things to explore in it’s outskirts that wouldn’t make your trip memorable if missed.

Don’t have one? Reach out any Car Rental Agency you feel comfortable with on the internet to hire your self one. There is a good number of car rental agencies around Kampala that you can trust with your time and money in exchange of hiring to you a vehicle of your choice to help you get around the City easily.

Most of these agencies Offer day and Hourly Rentals either on a self drive basis from as low as USD 30 or with chauffeur services that require an extra cost of around USD 20 – 30. It depends on your choice and may be the budget. However, this very driver also doubles a your guide. Imagine the luckiness of shooting two birds with a single stone.

Basic Lifestyle Divisions in Kampala

After Getting your car, it it time to truly experience what Kampala offers. The City has three basic areas: downtown, uptown and it’s Center.

Despite the City being small, it accommodates up to around 2 Millions of People and surprisingly, everyone and everything just fits. Most of these just come in for different kinds of business during day.

It is estimated that during night, Kampala accommodates only 5,000 people. Most of these residing in City apartments and night workers like security guards among others.

Most of the casual labors mostly in dark color jobs are found in the downtown places such as Kisenyi Market, Bwaise, St Balikuddembe Market (Owino) among others. Moving in these areas by foot keeps you in a high risk of loosing your important documents due to the high number of pick picketers disguising in different categories of people. There is a lot to explore here.

St Balikuddembe Market - Owino

Inside St Balikuddembe Market – Kampala (Owino)

The office workers, mostly public servants are found in the Central since this is where most of the government ministries offices reside. The uptown, (as it sounds – located on hills since Kampala exhibits a convex and concave nature of landscape) is for the rich people. People residing on the Hills of Muyenga, Kololo among others are well known for their lavish lifestyle right from the accommodation, rides, hangout places among others.

What to do

You can start exploring the City by Visiting the following places.

Kasubi Tombs

Entrance to the Kasubi Tombs

The site is the burial place for Buganda Kings. Four former Kings are buried here, namely; Mutesa I (1856-1884), Mwanga (1884-1897), Chwa Daudi (1899-1939) and Mutesa II (1939-1966). Kasubi Tombs are just 5kms from the centre of Kampala. Expect to see a lot her such as regalia and pictures of former Kings, get stories and history about Buganda kingdom among others.

Kabaka’s Lake

Kabaka's Lake

The Man made Kabaka’s Lake in Ndeeba

The Lake is situated in Ndeeba town, about 5 kilometers west of the City center. It is the largest man made lake in Uganda, that was dug on orders of Mwanga, a former king of Buganda popularly known for ordering the mass Killing of up to 100 martyrs of different religions.

Rubaga and Namirembe Cathedrals

Lubaga Cathedral

Lubaga Roman Catholic Cathedral

Both Cathedrals are an attraction for religious pilgrims. You will be attracted by the architectures of the cathedrals and the panoramic view of Kampala from the hills.

National Museum

Uganda Museum

inside the uganda museum

This is located 3 kilometres from the City center and the Country’s only museum and the oldest in East Africa. The National Museum houses materials on the Uganda’s history, archeological art facts, natural historical specimens and various traditional musical instruments.

Bahai Temple

Bahai Temple

The Only Bahai Temple in Africa

This is the only temple of the Bahai faith in Africa and it is located on the Kikaya Hill, 7 Kilometers from the City Centre. Bahai Temple mostly attracts visitors because of its unique design and panoramic view of the City Center.

Makerere University

Makerer University Kampala

Makerere University Administration Building

This is Uganda’s oldest higher learning Institution and currently the best in the East African Region and fifth in Africa. It is situated on the Makerere hill, 3 Kilometers north of the City center. Makerere started in 1922 as a technical college for students in Eastern Africa and gained University College status in 1949, before becoming a fully independent University in 1970.

Main attractions her include research, conferences and its architectural design and history.

Other Places to Visit may include the National Theatre, Mulago Hospital, Muganzi Lwaza Hill, Port Bell Luzira, Lugogo Show Grounds among others due their richness in cultural, and commercial history.

Don’t worry about getting lost. If you chose a selfdrive, you can also get your self a GPS Navigation device in your car with updated maps of the city at a very low cost. If not, you can ask your car rental agent to provide with you a Tourist map of Kampala at no extra charge.


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