Thinking of embarking on a road trip in Uganda? Whether you are first time or repeat visitor, there is a lot more for you to put into consideration before you get that dream destination. With too much awaiting for you to bring everything together, time factor is very key to consider. Not to be caught with time, you have to be organized and well-prepared to make your road trip smooth and memorable. The essentials that you need to consider for your road trip include;

GPS/traffic app for instance Google Maps

The fact that you plan to embark on a road trip and higher chances are that you will be in new destination, you will need direction to help you navigate smoothly to your dream destination. Global Positioning System (GPS) is very key when it comes to road trips especially for average person to locate where he or she is heading to. There are few or no vehicles fitted with a GPS within Uganda. You can book a GPS at an extra fee of USD5 from selected car rentals in Uganda that most of time offer extra services.


Everyone can become hungry or thirsty on the way and the best way to cool it is simply having some snacks with you plus a drink. You therefore need a cooler nearby to keep your beverages cool and the food well-protected. If you need a cooler box within your vehicle, you will need to book a spacious vehicle such as a Toyota Land Cruiser TX, TZ, V8, GX etc. Most compact cars do not have enough space to accommodation cooler boxes.

Electric refrigerators are also available at extra fee of about 5 per day. Having an electric refrigerator will make your life easier most especially if you go camping in Uganda.


The fact that it is travel, comfortable shoes should be a must. Whether you are going to drive for a short distance or long distances, comfortable shoes can be of help to you as they can make your drive enjoyable. Please note that under Ugandan laws, you are not allowed to wear open shoes while driving. It is better to either put on closed shoes or to drive barefooted given that it is a traffic offense that is punishable in the whole of East Africa.

Travel cup or mug

A travel cup at hand helps you prevent spilling your beverages as it is designed for spill protection. As well, it can help keep your beverage hot or cold for longer time compared to other packaging. You can acquire a travel cup from one of the selected stores in Uganda including Shoprite, Nakumatt etc.

Air fresheners

Not all the time the air in the car can be fresh and that is why you need air freshener especially if you are heading off for long drive. A road trip in Uganda may mean you and the family which also calls for snacks, beverages and so many things that you need which all may turn the atmosphere inside different.

Facial Tissue

In most cases people do fall sick and others have allergies when they get to new places or eat new food along the way. Make life easier with a pack of tissue and you will have the best of your road trip.


Driving when you are hungry isn’t a good thing. Have some snacks to help you restore the lost energy till you get to your dream destination. As well, get some bottled water along to accompany it.

Roadside emergency kit

You can’t know what will happen along the way. Therefore get your emergency kit along to cater for anything on the way.

Road trip music

To avoid being bored along the way, you need good music loaded with you to keep you entertained. Have a full playlist of your selection and trust me, you will have the most enjoyable road trip ever in Uganda. Most cars rented out in Uganda either have a casette player, DVD or MP3 player.


In case you are hitting the road as a family consider other parties ‘children’ and have some games for them. This will help keep them busy, entertained and at end of it all, have exciting road trip.

Other key items to include are chargers for cell phone, table, digital camera, bottled water, blankets and pillows, sunglasses, books, magazines, headphones a mention but a few.

In summary, when planning a road trip, make sure that everyone knows what is in the travel plan to avoid leaving others in suspense or in surprises. With that, we believe that you will have the most enjoyable road trip in Uganda with your dear ones this holiday.


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