Are you looking for a comfortable, safe and up-to-date vehicle, look not further. With over 10 years experience in hiring safari vehicles, Uganda Car Rental assure you of comfortable transport at affordable prices. With offer 10 years dealing in car hiring and rentals, we are the best professionals to deal with if you are looking for a car to hire for your safari or any function. We offer professional customer care service and treasure our clients as the business pillars and we provide all kinds of cars for those interested in self–drive and on demand they offer their expert drivers. Through reserving a car you may have an opportunity to obtain a number of discounted offers with the regards to other services like hotels plus lodges. We are very connected so we provide you with whichever type of car you want and these include;

Luxury car hire; our approach is very unique and highly tailored with each package which is carefully crafted to deliver an extraordinary experience and we work very closely with our clients budgets to make sure that the highest return on their investment, check in our fleet.

These truly luxury cars have the potential to engage travelers in a special, classy and stylistic way that cannot be found elsewhere and they produce a certain charisma that becomes almost addictive, bringing clients back time and time again. Thus they are proved of being comfortable, convenient, flexible offering an extravagant way of living with fairly priced and trustworthy luxury like Benz, Hammer, Jaguar, Limousine, Range rover, BMW, Toyota Cygnus, Land cruiser V8 and VX, GX and Mercedes S-Class.

Wedding or ceremonial car hire/rentals; you can be a celebrity of the day on your wedding with one of our incredible wedding cars. A wedding day is a special and incredible day for the bride and groom and wedding cars spice up your wedding event. We concentrate more on offering the most stylish luxury bridal cars that will make your entourage as special and memorable as possible. Whether you want rent a Mercedes Benz, limousine, jaguar, Range Rover or a classic vintage car for transporting the bride, groom and the escorting convoy. We also offer a car along with a professional well groomed chauffeur who knows his way around the city and the neighboring places so you don’t need to worry about reaching late to your party thus you will get the best service worth every penny you pay.

Our company has cargo vehicles that can transport your cargo in a delicate, distinctive and also fragile goods. Whether your concern is reaching the designed destination, we deliver it in the way you want. You may want to ship a car, SUV, motorcycle, truck or any other vehicle, we have prestigious and guaranteed car shipping company for all your car shipping needs. Convey your cargo, from all over Rwanda at your suitability.

These are some of our cargo cars; Trucks, Lorries, Canter, Man diesel cargo car, Scania, Double cabin pickups, and many others.

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