Are you planning to visit Uganda? You can have a Uganda self drive safari or guides tour and one of the best destinations to visit is Botanical gardens in Entebbe the bird paradise.  Botanical gardens Entebbe avails a perfect introduction to the pearl of Africa with all of its beauty and magical elegance. The botanical gardens is a beautiful pearl within the heart of Entebbe that most travelers do not actually get to see since it is not on most of the itineraries unless for birders and nature lovers. The botanical gardens in Entebbe is among the best places near Kampala where one can spot many species like birds, primates and butterflies. It’s calmness and peace, a treat for eyes and there is notable absence of people. If one is deeply involved in nature, the sounds of the birds breaking the calmness of the moment. It is a lovely place to spend a few hours; one can bring along a picnic lunch to make it an all-day adventure.

The gardens are a place of plants, flowers and the trees are not only endemic to Uganda but from other tropical locations around the world. The botanical gardens are a place of beauty and discovery for plants, shrubs, trees, monkeys, flowers, insects and magnificent birds. This is a birdwatcher’s wonderland within forty minutes from Kampala, a low priced entry and one can do it without a guide.

Established in 1898, the expansive Entebbe botanical gardens are suitable for a leisurely walk close to the shores of Lake Victoria. The significant highlights are its patches of thick rainforest, where some of the original Tarzan films were made in, and excellent opportunities for birding with 115 species. You’ll view plenty of monkeys, including black and white colobus and tree squirrels too.

The Botanical gardens Entebbe is not a destination for only the abled nevertheless a slow drive in safari vehicle through the park will surely allow anyone who is unable to walk or aged to see these marvelous gardens. The birdwatcher is best to African ornithology book on hand and also a pair of binoculars will make your trip worthwhile here.

Because of its proximity to Lake Victoria’s shore line; the botanical gardens offer a breathtaking scenery one would never get anywhere with just a single stop. The variety of scenic views is enhanced by the great diversity of plants, birds and animal life. A walk along the beach and out into the open forest and grasslands will have exposed your eye to more than 32 different types of birds, including those unique only to this place and the migratory species.

One usually finds the pair of Verreaux’s eagle owls right at the entrance in the tall trees. The birds found the gardens are red chested sunbirds, the orange-tufted and orange weaver. The bushes on the shores of lake Victoria has the latter breed along with yellow backed, Jackson’s golden-backed, slender-billed northern brown-throated and an ideal observation point is the rocky headland along the lake.

The wide varieties of plant species that grow and thrive here include up to 2,500 different species of sub-tropical, tropical and semi-arid zones.

One will find medicinal garden, thick underbrush and the stands of Bamboo as one strolls along the paths. Enjoy a simple and lovely day in the quietness of the botanical gardens Entebbe along Lake Victoria as you stroll along the sand beach and admire the lake scenery.

Getting to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens is easy, whether using private or public means; by public transport, one can take “Matatus” which are privately operated mini buses. They leave from Kampala (Old Taxi Park) every day and any time of the day. The transport fare to Entebbe Botanical Gardens is 3,500UGX which is approximately $1, and the journey takes about an hour along the paved Entebbe highway.



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