Looking to renting a car in Africa? There are some important things that you need to look on before hiring your next car! Here we bring to you the ultimate checklist for your next rental.

Everyone would love to rent a car in his/her vacation due its reliance and convenience and it is every traveler’s dream to have a reliable and convenient means of transport while traveling as it is stress free and saves time. However, when hiring a car for travel you are supposed to have certain requirements to have a very successful and good car renting in Rwanda. On your next vacation or business meeting in Rwanda, you should make sure have the following on your checklist for your next car hire

Driving license: everywhere they offer car hire services; a driving license is requested in case you are going for a self drive. It acts as proof that you can drive a car and this should be valid and recognized internationally. If you have a driving license in language that the car hire agency does not understand you will be requested to carry a translated one and should have a stamp and be endorsed from your driving license issuer authority in your country. However this should not be a worry as most driving permits have some international language on them like English or French which are widely recognized in Rwanda.

Carry your credit card or visa card with you. It is obligatory for every traveler to carry a credit card or visa with him or her. Most car hire companies use these cards are security deposit in case you do not have cash and they hold a certain amount on it but they do not debit it. Security deposit is meant to cater for any damages that are beyond the insurance cover you may cause when driving.

Identification document: this is a must when renting a car in Rwanda and this should be either a valid passport or national identity card. The ID is asked to identify who you are, where you come from. By having your personal particulars, the car hire company can trust you with their car in that they can easily track you in case of theft.

Insurance: insurance helps one to be covered of any unforeseen problem that may occur while driving like damages, accidents and breakdown. Some companies have comprehensive insurance and it is normally included in the pricing of entire car hire package but one may opt to have his/her own car rental insurance back home so you should coordinate with the insurance company in your country to cover for your car rental in a foreign country.

Check the vehicle thoroughly before you drive. Before you drive the check the condition of the both physically and mechanically and make sure you take pictures of the car so that you can identify the damages you are liable to incase one occurs.

Resources: These tips have been shared by Drive Uganda, part of the Go Rentals. This car hire agency is based in Kampala, Uganda and offers a great choice of automotive for those looking to discovering Rwanda. If you are traveling to Rwanda and you need a rental car just contact them via info@driveuganda.com.


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