In Uganda nowadays most of the tourists go for self drive trips since this option gives them total freedom with the vehicles. Self-drive is away where by the renter is authorized to drive the rented vehicle at his own pace at the specified locations and time. Here we mean that the client signs an agreed terms and conditions of renting the vehicle before starting off your holiday.

Anyone who wish to go for a self drive in Uganda you must consider the major factors that will make your holiday perfect and among them you should not miss out the type of the vehicle, Rates for the vehicle hire, and the terms and conditions so for anyone who has gone online before you book you must consider the factors above.

According to Ugandan roads I think a Toyota Rav4 is the best option for self drive why?

You must choose a 4X4 wheel drive which is A Toyota Rav4 (It is a full time 4X4)because the roads within Kampala and neighboring cities may be good for any vehicle but those to and within the parks may turn to be a problem most especially in the rainy seasons and the geographical locations.

The size of the vehicle (Rav4) is easy to drive, it is not too small and not too big which makes it easy for anyone be a woman or a man. Still the size of the tyres enables it to be stable on the road whether it is bumpy, slippery or muddy area.

The space for luggage is enough for tourist’s luggage, even if you are going for camping, the camping tents, chairs and other utensils can fit at the back.

More still the sitting capacity can be enough for the small family of about 5. Since it is a self drive, the behind seat may accommodate three passengers in front one and the driver or father or whoever capable of driving.

A Rav4 dashboard has Air condition, Radio Cassette; Phone Charger or Cigarette lighter, locker, what else do you want?

Still on the Rav4, In case of mechanical problems A rav4 is easy to be repaired since the spare parts can be found at least in every town of the country or garage most especially for the second hand Rav4 not the new modules.

Some Toyota Rav4’s has a pop roof which allows easy photograph during game drives in a safari.

The seats are so comfortable, you can stretch them in either direction you want whether front or backward.

A Toyota Rav4 is the only cheapest 4X4 wheel drive vehicles you can rent in Uganda and it almost serve the same purpose as other big vehicles like land cruiser TX, TZ among others.

A Toyota Rav4 does not require much service during the safari like checking on Oil levels, Water Levels. You can check on the water and oil levels atleast once in 4 days unlike other vehicles like the Toyota Super Custom.

Lastly, A rav4 is the only 4X4 vehicle that use less fuel for instance 1 litre of gasoline can take you up to 9 or ten Kilometers depending on the speed you are driving at.

In my belief for any who want to go for a self drive in Uganda or Kampala, a Toyota Rav4 would be the best choice for you will not regret.


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