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Finally you have decided to go on holiday in Uganda, you have made your choice on where to go and made inquiries and got quotations for your trip from different tour operators. The figures in the quotation are making you wonder whether you can really afford the trip, is it worth it and whether you even need it at all. Yes, it is worth it and if done right you won’t regret any penny spent. Here is how you do it;

Make as many inquiries as possible

The more quotations you get, the more options you will have. This will give you a rough estimate on how much the real cost is. Try to choose the quotations in the middle, the higher quotations are usually expensive while the low cost ones are likely to include some activities or facilities or use substandard accommodations or vehicles.

Wait for all or most of the replies before you confirm with your chosen tour operator. Most times, clients confirm with the first company to respond as long as the quotation given is within their budget. A few hours later, they get replies with better deals of either lower cost or more activities for the same budget but they have already paid and confirmed with the first tour operator. Some clients go ahead to ask for a refund and cancel the booking which is a long process and expensive in terms of cancellation fees.

Book an all-inclusive holiday

Booking the different aspects of your holiday alone will make it more expensive. This is because you will be charged differently. An operator can offer you all in one Uganda Safari Packages including transportation, full board accommodation, and local guides which will always be much better than booking these yourself differently.

Book early

Booking your trip near or on your travel date is expensive. Try booking as early as possible as you have time to compare prices. When you book early you are likely to get a better deal compared to when you are late. Late bookings are considered desperate and highly likely to pay a higher price.

Ask if you can pay in installments

Traveling is expensive and there is no hiding that; it’s only some tours that are less expensive than others. Most tour operators will accept installment payments but it comes back to booking early so that you have enough time to make the installments. You can work out a plan with your booking agent so that you can make manageable installments until the full tour price is paid. This will ensure you are not left with an empty bank account in case of emergencies or expenses you may incur during or after the tour.

Travel in groups

Solo travel is more expensive than travelling in groups. When traveling in groups, costs such as for transportation, accommodation and guide fees are shared among all the people in the tour group compared to solo travel where you pay all these expenses alone. Try convincing friends or family to travel with you and the costs will drop to almost half than when you are travelling alone.

Budget for your expenses

Knowing how much you will spend while traveling is important as it lets you know how much of local currency you will need. Forex is a huge money bleed. Every time you exchange money you lose some money. It is better you do it once in a larger amount other than frequently in smaller denominations.

With these tricks, you will ensure that your travels are fun, have value for money and are hustle free. Please contact us for any inquiries.


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