Ranked as one of the best place to visit in Africa, Uganda has over 1o national parks each with a different things to do and see. There is nothing quite like the unforgettable Uganda safari to the most popular national parks and attractions. The sounds of wildlife wake you up and early morning sunrise brightens the day and the warm feeling come around making everything surrounding colorful. Above all Uganda is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world for vacations and holidays. If you finding it difficult to decide where to go on vacation with family and friends, Uganda is a country of variety and believe me you will find your exact taste and interest. Here is a list of the top national parks inUganda;

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The top tourist’s attraction in Uganda and a home to the mountain gorillas in Africa. It’s a real primate paradise with lots of different primate species, other forest habitants and mountain gorillas as the prime attraction. You can spot the silverback and other gorillas in close distance and even enjoy a full good hour of photography and observation provided you secure your right date Uganda gorilla trekking permit in time. Special Bwindi forest experience include a visit to the local community, Batwa people, nature walk to the Bwindi waterfalls and also a visit to Lake Bunyonyi Island another highlight for Uganda honeymoon safaris,  gorilla safaris and bird watching. The best time to visit this park is all year though its more fantastic during the dry months of the year between July – October and December to March.


Kibale forest National Park

The most famous primate capital for chimpanzees Kibale forest is a great place to enjoy chimpanzee habituation and chimpanzee trekking safari experience all year. The Park is one of the most populated primate grounds in Africa though most known for chimpanzee safari tours. It’s a very good option for chimpanzee viewing experience and visitors get only the best. Other things to do in the park are bird watching in bigodi wetland so bird lovers this is your place to be. Visit the park any time of the year and you will never be disappointed.

Kidepo Valley National Park

In Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park is known for incredible wildlife safaris which allow an immersive wilderness experience. The park is home to lions, antelopes, giraffes, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, ostriches, Rhinos, and much more since it neighbors the most popular Africa game reserve Masai Mara in Kenya. In particular the park is also a cultural lover’s paradise because it’s surrounded by Karamajongs who love and cherish their real the Africa tradition. The best to visit depends on your life schedules but it’s a great place any time of the year.

Murchison falls National Park

Famously known as the largest game reserve in Uganda, Murchison falls National Park is a classic Uganda wildlife safari destination for all people young and elderly. The might falls on the Nile capture every visitor’s attention and it’s a great place to chill and relax with friends and family in the afternoons. The park main activities include, game viewing, boat cruise, bird watching, fishing, chimpanzee trekking , hiking to the top of the falls and much more. Experience nature at its fullest with a trip to Murchison falls national park on your trip to Uganda. The best time to visit is all year so feel free to drop by with friends and family.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Find this wildlife paradise in the foot hills of mountain Rwenzori another rewarding spot for mountain climbing safari travelers. Its ecosystem features impressive wildlife, birds and primates. If you want to view plenty of wildlife, primates and birds this is your place to be. Tourists to Queen Elizabeth National Park get a chance to see tree climbing lions in Ishasha a wonderful highlight for all Uganda wildlife safari tours. Chimpanzee trekking, wildlife viewing, bird watching and launch cruise are the main park activities that present you all the best kept park secrets of the park. The best time to visit Queen Elizabeth is all year provided you have time and some dollars to spend.


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