It’s always advised to know the company’s terms and conditions of hiring before going ahead to hire a car from us, this will hopefully help you to plan well for your trip in a foreign country to book a perfect car for your safari with a trusted car hire company. With our experience in the field we have a wide variety of vehicle that will fit your budget and destination we are reliable and trusted car rental agency in Uganda, offering a wide variety fleets. Below is some of all you need to know about our car rental service in Uganda.

Why hiring from us:
We are a trusted car rental company in Uganda offering the best service and we are located along Entebbe high way, accessing us is very easily. Not only that but we are among the few car rental agencies offering friendly prices and sometimes we offers discounts on our car hire fleet for those hiring our fleets for money days and we give discounts to our return customers. Our fleets range from 35$ on words depending on the type of the car and the number of days you are going to stay with the car. If you need a driver, we have them, well experienced and well conversant to each and every part of the country. Whether you need sedans, luxury, or any type we are always at your disposal to give you what you need, just send us an inquiry indicating the type of car you need, and the number of days you want to use them, we will get back to you swiftly

Requirements & Payments;

We request you to come with your particulars before hiring a car, come with your driving permit which is valid for at least 2 years and your national ID or passport in order to qualify for our services. This gives us a guarantee about the people we are dealing with and it builds trust. No one is entitled for our services when below the age of below the age of 18 years. When making payments, you can pay through bank wire transfers we send you our bank account details for money transfer, you can also use visa card, credit cards, or cash upon your arrival at the airport/ in office. For locals you can visit our offices at Najanankumbi shopping center and make the payments from there or you pay through MTN/Airtel mobile money services the  numbers on which you will wire the money will sent to you and reserve your booking.

Our prices:

We are considered one of the cheapest car rental companies in Uganda and our rates are Manly are based on the value and size of the car you want to hire and the number of days you are going be using it. Our prices range from per day and it runs from 7am to 7pm in the evening and if you exceed the agreed upon days, you are supposed to pay for extra day. Our fleet run from as low as usd35 however if you hire the car for more days over 10 days we offer a discount of 10$ on each day so don’t hesitate to contact us to win this great opportunity. We also have camping gears which we hire as low as 5$ per day, its only us who gives this discounted rates. All our prices include excludes fuel and a driver unless you ask for a driver we include 15$ on each fleet and we hire our cars on comprehensive insurance.


All our cars are hired on unlimited mileage; you are free to drive to any part of the country, although in situations where you have to cross borders to other east African countries you need to. We have no problem with you to drive to any area in Uganda either national park, remote village the car becomes yours during the car rental period.

Rent a car on agreed upon date: the client is the one to determine the number of days he want to use the car, however if the agreed upon days is over and the client want to use the car for more days, he will have to first inform us and he/ she is entitled to pay for any extra day per day, to avoid extra days try to meet your. No compensation for a car that is returned earlier than expected dates


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