Are you looking for places to see endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda? well you are lucky because Uganda the Pearl of Africa has two mountain gorilla trekking safari parks in western region offering unique gorilla safari experience  to whoever  visits Uganda for gorilla trekking tours. Long no more to see mountain gorillas physically in there jungle forested home because Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable forest have a broad range of tour activities to make your Uganda gorilla trek outstanding. If you ready grab your gorilla permit and experience the fun jungle vacation in Uganda.

Mgahinga National Park

Gorilla tours in Mghainga forest extend beyond just looking at gorillas but the park landscape and attractive volcanoes make the trek more rewarding and awesome. Tracking gorillas and hiking the volcanoes is the park main highlight but tourists also enjoy golden monkey trekking, bird watching, hiking, biking and cultural excursions to the Batwa caves. While in Mgahinga it’s very easy to find quiet moments with park habitants especially when you visit the Buffalo walls. However, Mgahinga national park is ideal for fit travelers because its treks are quite tough and amazing. Not too many people track gorillas and hike the volcanoes in Mgahinga but it’s a great life time experience once tried out. In Uganda, Mgahinga national park reflects a perfect gorilla trekking safari destination in Africa better than no other due to its unique features and location.

Bwindi Forest National Park

The highlights of all Uganda safari tours are mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park. The gorillas have increased in number after a while but still the highest populations of the living endangered mountain gorillas live here. For best gorilla safari experience in Africa, head to the beautiful forested jungle forest of Bwindi where you can take a glance of the silverback and other gorillas in just a single trek. While in Bwindi forest, you may also like to check out the detailed lifestyle of the forest people who vacated their ancestral home for mountain gorilla conservation. The Batwa people today are a living great example of true local Ugandans who still live the life of the ancient despite the introduction of western culture.

The Gorilla permits of Bwindi costs same just like those of Mgahinga at only $600 for all months of the year a price that was announced and confirmed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.But the best time to track gorillas is when the time when gorilla permits are available in the time of need. Therefore would recommend every primate lover to secure his or her gorilla permit first among the entire Uganda gorilla safari trekking essentials.

Other Mountain Gorilla Trekking destinations in Africa include Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National Park in Congo. To sum it up, there three countries –Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo are the only places to see mountain gorillas in the all world.


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