Practical information for traveling to Uganda

Uganda is located in east-central Africa, situated north and northwest of Lake Victoria. It is a landlocked country bordered by Sudan on the North, Kenya on the east, Tanzania on the South, Rwanda on the southwest and Zaire on the northwest.

The Ugandan shilling (USh) is a relatively stable currency. Cash can be changed easily at major banks and foreign exchange (forex) bureaus. The forex bureaus offer slightly better exchange rates than the banks. Exchange rates in Kampala are better than elsewhere in the country.

Health & Safety
Although much of Uganda is generally safe, there are some risky areas. North of Murchison falls and around some towns, such as Lira and Gulu.

As in any urban area, Kampala can be dodgy. One is well advised to remain in tourist areas, but sensibly garbed visitors not dangling the latest cameras, flashy jewellery or bulging bags are not likely to draw unwanted attention to themselves. AIDS / HIV Infection rate is very high (even though lower than neighbouring countries). Do not have unprotected sex.

If you are bitten by an animal, assume that the animal was infected by a disease and seek prompt medical attention. Diarrhea disease and intestinal worms are also a concern and travelers should be careful what they eat or drink.
Take precautions against malaria.

Mobile phone network coverage is available in most parts of the country.
Internet cafes can be readily found in Kampala and Jinja.


All visitors require visas. Ugandan visas are available at all major land borders and the international airport at Entebbe.

Travel Insurance

Make sure you have travel insurance.


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